About Acelera pyme

The Acelera pyme Programme is the initiative of the Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Service aimed at building the reference ecosystem for the digital transformation of  SMEs.
It is developed by Red.es, an entity dependent on the Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence and is part of the SME Digitalisation Plan 2021 - 2025, which has a budget of more than 4,000 million euros.
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Acelera pyme pursues the following objectives:

Promote the digital transformation of Spanish SMEs, with tools such as advisory services and training.
To provide a platform to generate a digital ecosystem and national community around digital transformation, with this objective as the neuralgic point that connects all stakeholders, unifying capabilities.
Offer high-value services to drive the digital transformation of the largest number of SMEs.
Promote other priority or strategic objectives of the government, such as entrepreneurship, the Sustainable Development Goals, or the promotion of strategic sectors.

It is made up of three different activities:

Acelera pyme platform

The Acelera pyme platform is the digital meeting point for SMEs and the agents involved in their digital transformation from which the ecosystem will be dynamised. The platform has global services aimed at SMEs with multi-sectoral content and specific services in line with different sectors of activity.

It is aimed at SMEs of any size, sector and level of digitalisation and has tools that allow companies like yours to know their level of digital maturity, complemented by services and content available according to that level.

In this sense, you can find useful content that can improve and enhance the digitisation of your SME, such as success stories, with real examples of digital transformation in different sectors, interviews with experts who explain, from their extensive experience, aspects related to the digitisation of SMEs, detailed reports that can be used to learn more about a specific topic on digitisation and infographics and audio-visual pieces that facilitate the acquisition of knowledge by users, among other content.

Acelera pyme ofice network

A network of Acelera pyme Offices has been created through the signing of an agreement with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and other agents, which is the physical and virtual meeting point for the support of all SMEs, self-employed and entrepreneurs in the country, whose objective is to promote the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises (including newly created ones), self-employed and entrepreneurs. At the same time, they raise awareness of the advantages and innovative methodologies to optimise the operation of their businesses through the incorporation of ICTs.

Among others, the services to be provided by the Acelera pyme offices are:

  • Face-to-face service, which includes providing advice and resolving user queries about the new digital transformation processes.

  • Remote support service, to resolve questions for SMEs regarding digital transformation.

  • Technical conferences on specific topics related to digital transformation.

  • Practical workshops, related to the incorporation of ICT in the production processes of SMEs.

  • Technological and infrastructure services, certification/validation of products, processes, developments, etc.

  • Promotion of relations between agents in the ecosystem.

  • Information on access to public and private funding.

Support and Advisory services

The Acelera pyme initiative is complemented by a support and advisory service. Through which technical and specialised support activities are carried out for Red.es' digital transformation programmes for SMEs. There are also scheduled activities that include seminars and workshops throughout Spain on topics related to the digital transformation of SMEs.