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07 May 2024. 13:28
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Väcka is an SME located in Barcelona and specialized in the production and marketing of vegan cheeses.

In this case study you will learn how this SME has achieved the optimization of its internal processes. At the same time, it explains the steps it has taken to boost its online visibility.

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Introduction to the interview

The best practices study aims to present an innovative and sustainable company that has managed to transform its business through digitization, obtaining great results in terms of efficiency and time savings.

This study focuses on Väcka, a Barcelona-based company dedicated to the production and marketing of vegan cheeses made from olive oil and melon seeds.

Based on the concerns expressed by several SMEs from different sectors, interested in improving the efficiency of their operations through business management systems and enhancing their presence in social networks, this study delves into how Väcka has managed to optimize its internal processes and increase its online visibility.


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