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Real Case. Taxi Oviedo
04 Aug 2021. 15:20
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  • SME maturity
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Rixar, owner of Taxi Oviedo, was able to take advantage of his free time to undertake the path of digitalisation with key actions in social networks, among others, which boosted his growth.

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Introduction to the interview

The aim of the best practices study is to present a success story of a company that embarked on its digitalisation journey, becoming a benchmark in the sector, in order to serve as an inspiration for other SMEs.

The starting point for the development of this study was the identification of the concerns of SMEs from various sectors, in which they expressed their interest in learning about good practices in the areas of customer relations, digital marketing and growth in social media, among others.

Throughout the study we analyse those initiatives that can serve as a reference for other companies in their digital transformation process and how they have impacted on the business of the company being analysed.

Transcription of the video interview

How did you decide to take the step towards digital transformation?

In 2002, which was when domains were just starting out, it occurred to me to say well, why don't we take a domain, which is taxioví, and see what we can do.

Did you have a plan or roadmap?

At the beginning there was no roadmap, we had to create a website and it was a matter of thinking about what a website could offer us or what we as taxi drivers wanted.

What has been your customer relationship strategy?

That made me reach out to my potential clients and social networks gave me the possibility to advertise myself on Twitter or to open an account on Facebook for free and in 2009 I was paying to appear and quickly since they had a great potential for those free social networks it was the shortcut for me to be able to show myself all over Spain

What digital marketing strategies do you use to attract, convert and retain customers?

The marketing that I use has always been basically the web positioning to come out the first in google or among the first three that is going to give you option is to paint the marketing level if it is true that it is totally relevant and totally important the belt to which the response of customers that your customers are happy and satisfied with a little with your service and perhaps that is the marketing today is more effective.

What have been the main innovative digital actions that have brought value to your business?

Applying strategies in the taxi sector that were used in other sectors simply to everything related to payments, affecting bank transfers, accepting paypal payments, being able to send via whatsapp or a link so that you can get paid for communications using the platforms.

What cost and support have you needed in the digitalisation process?

Everything that is the projection of my business to where I have reached I have done it only by working and learning and the cost has been the time that I have dedicated but if I need a certain tool I have determined that I have to look for alliances or webmasters with people who have made websites.

What advice would you give to SMEs that are thinking about expanding into social networks?

That they will reflect on image they want to give, if they are looking directly to sell to a customer if they want to be known to use in the future the customer buy them something if you want a person who knows you today on twitter by poured to say something and buy you something in a year you're going to have to make the effort is for a year there uploading relevant content.

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