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PCEX Automotive real case
17 Jun 2024. 12:02
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PCEX Automotive is an SME based in Alicante and dedicated to the sale and distribution of automotive spare parts.

In this case study you will learn how it has managed to digitise thanks to systems such as ERP. You will also discover how this digitalisation has boosted PCEX Automotive´s international growth.


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Introduction to the interview

The best practice study aims to show the transformation of an SME that went from operating locally and with a very simple website to becoming a leading company in its sector in 12 years, working in approximately 40 countries on 4 continents. As they explained to us, all this has been possible thanks to their digitalisation process.

This study focuses on PCEX Automotive, a company based in Alicante that is dedicated to the sale and distribution of automotive spare parts. This company has been awarded the Digital Transformation Award in 2022, and in 2023, it was awarded for its international development. Both prizes were awarded by the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (CEPYME).

In response to the concerns expressed by various SMEs from different sectors, interested in how to digitise the different areas of a company and how to expand internationally, this study explores how PCEX Automotive has managed to streamline and optimise its processes and achieve major growth through the use of technological tools, starting from scratch.

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