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What is an online trust seal and how it can help your e-commerce?

18 Oct 2022. 10:22
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Fear of bank data theft, the risk of fraud or distrust of product quality are some of the barriers that users have when buying products online. Find out how to increase trust in your e-commerce! 

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More and more Spanish Internet users are increasingly relying on online shopping and year after year it continues to grow. According to CNMC data, e-commerce turnover increased by 14,8% in the third quarter of 2021 and the trend indicates that this growth will continue. 

Despite this growth, distrust in online shopping is still very present, especially in small businesses. Users tend to distrust them for fear of being victims of fraud or scams. To prevent them from distrusting e-commerce, you can resort to the so-called online trust seals.  

According to a study carried out by, for 60.91% of Spaniards, the factor that gives them most confidence in an e-commerce is that it has certificates or quality seals and, if it does not have them, 23.25% of buyers say they abandon the page. As you can see, online trust seals are a key factor for users, but what are they really? 


What is an online trust seal and what is it for? 

An online trust seal is a distinctive mark that is awarded to an e-commerce and that certifies that it meets certain security and trust criteria. These criteria are set by the entity issuing the seal, which, through an audit, studies and ensures that the e-commerce analysed meets all the requirements. In exchange, the entity issuing the seals asks for a fee that may vary depending on the type of services it is providing or the e-commerce's turnover. 


What are the advantages of getting a trust seal for your e-commerce?  

Trust seals offer a clear advantage for the user. The complete guarantee that the information they will find in your e-commerce is totally truthful and they will not need to do any research of their own to confirm it. In addition, we can also distinguish certain advantages for your e-commerce: 

  • Differentiate yourself from fraudulent stores. 

  • Stand out from the competition that does not have seals. 

  • Increase consumer confidence. 

  • Improve conversion rate. 

  • Increase the probability of customer loyalty. 

In addition to these advantages, on many occasions the organization that awards this seal can help as an intermediary in conflict management to find a solution that can be satisfactory for both parties. 


What seals can you incorporate in your e-commerce? 

There is a great variety of companies that can help you to guarantee the reliability of your e-commerce, while we are going to mention some of the best-known ones, we invite you to investigate and discover which is the best seal for your business. 

  • Aenor e-commerce. The Aenor badge establishes principles and practices of quality management that entities must follow to achieve it. 

  • Online trust. One of the most recognized seals in Spain, it provides consumers with a guarantee of security, transparency and reliability. 

  • trustprofile. The trust profile quality seal awards different badges that guarantee the transparency, security and trustworthiness of the web. 

  • iCERT. The iCERT badge is based on buyers' opinions, thus guaranteeing that the opinions and evaluations of the customers are real.  

  • Trusted Shops. A reference in e-commerce certification at European level. To obtain this quality seal it is necessary to go through an audit focused on legal aspects and customer service. 

Here are some examples of these seals, so you can get an idea of what they look like and identify them when you see them on different websites…. 



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As you can see, trust seals are a very good practice to ensure the reliability and credibility of your e-commerce. In addition, there are many auditing companies that can adapt to your business, you just need to research and see which one is the best for your business. 

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