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What is content curation and how to do it?

18 Jan 2023. 15:42
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Content curation can be an essential tool to boost a content marketing strategy. Do you know what it consists of? We tell you about it in this post!

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Did you know that creating content from scratch is not the only option you have to bring value to your target audience? There is a best practice when it comes to content called content curation, and its main objective is to use content that has already been created and then share it with your audience.

But it's not just about sharing content, content curation, in other words, is the gourmet selection of content. In this way, we will be able to bring real value to our community around topics related to our business. Do you want to learn how to offer your audience the most exclusive selection of content? We'll tell you about it below!


What is content curation?

Before we begin, we need to understand what exactly content curation is. To do so, we will start by explaining that it is the process of researching, gathering, organising and sharing quality and relevant content on a specific topic, created by others. The most important thing about content curation is that it must provide value. Therefore, we must be meticulous in selecting that content and think about what our audience is really interested in.

For example, just as an art gallery owner focuses on selecting only the best pieces to display in their gallery. The job when curating content is the same, we must select only the best content that we consider appropriate for our audience and market sector. Besides, a good content curation will help you to improve your brand reputation, gain visibility, increase traffic to your company's website, improve SEO positioning, among other things, so read on to find out more benefits!


Benefits of content curation

  1. Improved web positioning: as it is quality content, it increases the chances of it being shared by users and increases the ranking position in search engines.
  2. Increases brand visibility: helps to improve brand image as well as online reputation.
  3.  Inspiration: to create your own content and learn more about your industry.
  4. Completes content planning: sharing curated content is part of a content marketing strategy and therefore also part of the publication planning.
  5. Increases networking: it helps to find different professionals and opinion leaders in your sector.

In short, content curation is essential to ensure the success of content marketing strategies. But how can content curation be successful?



Steps to content curation


  1. The first step is thinking about the audience. We must really know our target audience and think about what they need and what topics are most useful.


  1. The second step is to select, filter and organise the information. The contents have to be really focused on what the audience demands, as well as organised in a logical and useful way. A good practice can be to add your own comments or analysis to add value to the content.


  1. Once the content has been compiled and elaborated, it is time to share it.


  1. Finally, it is important to measure the results, observing the interactions obtained by the publications. This way, you will be able to know exactly what is useful to your audience and you will be able to strengthen your content curation strategy.


Now that you know in depth what content curation is and how to do it, here are some tools you can use.

  1. Google Alerts: this tool detects content related to the terms you choose. You can also configure it to send you an email with a list of relevant content that it finds according to the selected terms, with the frequency you prefer.


  1. ShareIt by SocialPilot: this is a free tool that is ideal for discovering new content. When you enter a keyword in its search engine, it shows you different content options in various formats: videos, blogs, web pages...


  1. BuzzSumo: one of the most widely used tools for content curation. It allows you to filter relevant content according to topics through the use of keywords. It also allows you to search for content with the highest number of interactions regardless of how old it is.


  1. Social Media: social networks are another very effective tool for content curation. They allow you to find trends among your followers, as well as discover their content preferences. For example, Twitter lists allow you to create lists of people who post valuable and relevant content for your audience.


It should be noted that these are just some of the tools available on the market and that there are a large number of them. We invite you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Are you ready to boost your content marketing strategy with content curation?

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