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These are the most read pills of Acelera pyme

12 Dec 2022. 13:58
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One year after the launch of the Acelera pyme platform, we have collected the most read posts on the digital transformation of SMEs. And you, have you already read them?

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At Acelera pyme we have been creating valuable content for the last year to drive the transformation of SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

As our priority is the needs that businesses may have regarding the digital transformation process, we create content based on eight areas of digitisation.

Do you want to know what they are? We explain them below!

  • Digital strategy: this area aims to raise awareness among SMEs about digital transformation and its impact on them. In addition to its challenges, benefits, digital initiatives and the value it can bring them.
  • Digital organisation: this deals with the necessary digital skills that employees of an SME should have. As well as the digital culture and the digital workplace they need to implement to boost their level of digitalisation.
  • Infrastructure and technology: informs about new technologies and electronic devices and their advantages. It also explains digital tools to facilitate the digital workplace and the importance of certain technologies such as connectivity.
  • Cybersecurity: makes SMEs aware of the risks involved in working digitally and the importance of implementing cybersecurity tools or solutions. It also teaches how to define a cybersecurity plan.
  • Customer relations: highlights the importance of having a digital marketing strategy and online presence for SMEs, as well as collecting and understanding the opinions of our customers to improve their experience with our brand.
  • Marketing: aims to inform SMEs about the different sales channels, their potential and how to develop them. It also covers topics such as online payment methods.
  • Business processes: shows SMEs the benefits of process automation, data analytics management and distribution and logistics. As well as the digital tools that exist for their implementation.
  • Support processes: the purpose of this area is to highlight the value for SMEs of digitising internal processes and the tools to achieve this, as well as relations with third parties and public administration.


On the occasion of our anniversary, which almost ends this 2022, we have prepared a brief summary of the 5 most read Acelera pyme pills. We recommend you to catch up with them before the end of the year!


  1. Do you know what are the advantages of ".es" domains?

Having a ".es" domain can provide your SME with many benefits. If you want to know what they are, this post is for you. For the moment, we will tell you that a domain is a unique name that consists of a name and an extension that identifies a web page on the Internet. They are classified into two groups, the first one linked to countries, such as ".es" for Spain, and the second one are generic extensions such as ".com" or ".net". In this post we tell you all about the ".es"!


  1. Search engine marketing: tips for proper SEO

Do you want your business website to be among the first search engine results? If so, you'll find our top tips on how to do SEO correctly in this pill.

SEO is the optimisation of your own resources so that search engines identify your website as a relevant platform and thus give it greater visibility. To achieve this, you will have to have the basic keys: publish original and valuable content optimised with keywords, improve the loading time and make it responsive. Find out how here!


  1. Do you know how to introduce the electronic signature in your SME?

Here we tell you how to do it! One of the fastest growing digital implementations in business is the electronic signature, as it has the same legal validity as a handwritten signature and at the same time it is much easier and safer. Incorporating electronic signatures into the management of your SME can provide you with a greater degree of confidentiality, time and cost savings, among other things.


  1. Find out which are the essential automations that companies should implement to go digital

Technology is there to make our lives easier, which is why there are more and more ways to automate processes.  We explain how, through technology, a company can complete rather time-consuming and costly tasks. Automation streamlines functions, boosts operations, improves the customer experience, controls costs and drives the digitisation of your SME. Some essential automations are: project management, customer service, approvals, onboarding and sales. Did you already know about them?


  1. How to develop a cybersecurity plan for your business?

Cybersecurity is an essential factor for any business, regardless of its size, as it provides confidence to customers among many other benefits.

That is why, when deciding to address cyber security in your business, it is important to have a Master Security Plan (MSP) in place. A PDS refers to the planning of the activities to be carried out and will indicate the priorities, the people in charge and the resources needed to improve the level of cybersecurity of your SME. In this post we show you how to develop one!

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