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Say goodbye to chaos in your inbox! Follow these tips to be more productive

28 May 2023. 18:54
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A chaotic and disorganized inbox can generate stress and reduce productivity at work. In this post we tell you everything you need to know about how to reorganize your inbox.

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According to a WorkMeter study, the average percentage of email use over total productive time is 14%. Keeping an organized inbox is essential to be more productive at work.

Turning off notifications, organizing blocks of time to answer emails or establishing a work schedule for their review are some of the strategies you can use to prevent the inbox from dominating your workday and thus keep the focus on the most important tasks. In addition, an organized inbox can also improve the efficiency of communication with your team and clients.

Now, if you want to implement these methods, we recommend you to follow the following practical tips to categorize your emails.


Practical tips for organizing and categorizing your e-mails

  1. Set up a categorization system: categorizing your emails can be a great way to get organized and find the information you need quickly. You can create different categories depending on your needs, such as work, personal, projects, etc.
  2. Use filters and tags: tags and filters are an effective way to organize your email. You can set up filtering rules so that emails are automatically sorted into different folders or apply tags to make it easier to find them later.
  3. Delete unnecessary emails: it is important that you delete emails that are no longer relevant or have already been responded to. Keeping your inbox clean and free of unnecessary emails can help you focus on the most important ones.
  4. Keep your inbox organized: establish a daily routine to check your inbox and respond to the most important emails. If you have an inbox full of unread emails, it can be overwhelming and make it difficult to concentrate.

On the other hand, automation can be a very useful tool to further save time and increase productivity. Here's how you can automate tasks and responses in your email inbox.


How to automate responses and tasks in our e-mail?

  1. Use predefined responses: If you receive many similar emails, you can use predefined responses to quickly reply to repetitive emails. This will save you time and allow you to concentrate on other emails or tasks.
  2. Set up email rules: Email rules are a way to automate the processing of incoming emails. You can set up rules for emails to be automatically moved to a specific folder, automatically tagged or deleted.
  3. Use task automation tools: There are many task automation tools that can help you save time and increase productivity at work. For example, Clean email and Mailbird will help you avoid having a cluttered inbox.


Order is indispensable for any successful company, and the inbox reflects the order and method that is carried out within the company. Do not hesitate and do it! Organize your email as soon as possible!

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