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Optimize the efficiency of your mechanical workshop with process automation

08 Nov 2023. 10:04
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Your business is a machine shop and you want to know how digitization can help you get better results? In this post, we tell you the advantages of process automation for your sector.

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Optimiza la eficiencia de tu taller mecánico con la automatización de procesos

Mechanical workshops: a traditional activity that is also going digital

According to the Spanish Federation of Automotive Workshop Entrepreneurs (Conepa), mechanical workshops currently employ more than 150,000 people in our country. Moreover, according to Conepa figures, the sector had a turnover in 2022 of more than 13,000 million euros.

An important part of this increase in its turnover figures - 6.7% higher compared to 2021 data - is due to the digital transformation of a sector that, like so many others, has found in new technologies, and especially in the automation of processes, an opportunity to improve its results and the experience of consumers.


What is process automation?

It consists of using digital technologies to complete the manual tasks you perform every day in your business. Its main objective is to replace workers in repetitive activities so that they can devote their time to more specialized, strategic and creative activities. This also allows you to reduce human errors and increase the speed at which you accomplish your tasks.

This strategy also involves software, tools, techniques, or platforms for all types of tasks, from customer service to administrative tasks such as accounting, as well as other areas such as human resources or marketing.

This system is useful for all sectors and, of course, also for mechanical workshops, as they can implement it in different ways such as, among others, a warehouse management system to control all the products and tools in their inventory; a management software that allows them to schedule appointments automatically based on the interests or needs of their customers; a CRM to track interactions with consumers or a social media management platform that allows them to schedule and make posts on their accounts so that more customers see what the workshop is like and what services it offers. And improve the image of their business!


Learn about the benefits that process automation can bring to a machine shop

Are you thinking of opting for process automation to digitize your workshop? If so, here are some of the advantages it can bring to your vehicle repair and maintenance business:

  1. Time savings: the automation of repetitive tasks offers the possibility of performing some functions more quickly. Therefore, this time saving allows workers to focus on other activities that require more involvement, which is often more uplifting for them.
  2. Increased productivity: the use of these systems allows you to increase productivity levels in your business. First, because possible human errors are eliminated and, second, because it allows you to increase the number of tasks to be performed. The more systems can perform repetitive tasks and the more workers can dedicate themselves to more creative tasks, the more services you can offer in your workshop.
  3. Greater control of your inventory: managing your warehouse through an automated system is one of the best solutions to know in real time, and at any time, the products available in your workshop. In this way, you will be able to register all the entries in a matter of seconds. And, in the same way, make all the relevant changes, such as an exit due to a sale or any other type of incident.
  4. Better customer service: the incorporation of these tools allows you to reach a higher level in the services you can offer your customers. This can help you, for example, to implement a chatbot that answers their questions at the time they prefer. You can also implement a system that reminds them when their appointment is and that they do not miss their turn to leave their means of transportation ready.
  5. Data-driven decision making: When performing their tasks, these automation systems typically collect data so that you can collect, analyze and make decisions based on their results. In this way, you will be able to know the strengths of your business and why and when they occur. But also detect the areas that need improvement and that can be an opportunity to improve your results.

Process automation is already a reality in any business. And, of course, also for mechanical workshops because implementing this type of tool makes it easier to run a workshop on a day-to-day basis, improve customer satisfaction and know what aspects can be improved to take your SME to another level.

If you want to discover many more ways to optimize the results of your business, go to our content section!

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