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Management tools for the internal processes of your business (physical and online)

12 Dec 2022. 17:15
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Discover some of the key tools to improve the management of your physical and online commerce.

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Running the business management of any trade has never been an easy task.


Digitalising your business offers the possibility to grow and be more competitive, but it can also entail a lot more work associated with new and different tasks, as well as a higher level of organisation and responsibility if we do not know how to use the new technologies well. For this reason, it is essential to choose the tools that best adapt to the particularities of your business and your management characteristics to make your work easier.  

Currently, there are many tools that can help you with any type of management, such as invoicing and accounting management, customer management, data storage or the management of internal improvement projects.

Below, we will explain some of these tools that can help you in different areas.


  • Storage tools

DropboxBoxGoogle Drive  

These tools are characterised by their ease of use and simplicity. In addition to offering free storage space in the cloud, they allow you to send your files in a totally secure way, as they are encrypted. With these platforms you can not only store information online, but you can also share your files online and decide which people can access them. 


  • Compatible with different apps and tools. 
  • Access to your files from any device where you have installed the platform.
  • Easy to recover files: if you have deleted a file by mistake, you can undo this option. 
  • Option to work offline: select the files you need and they will be synchronised on your computer, giving you the advantage of not having to use the internet.


  • Invoicing tools

VisionwinFactusolSage one   

These accounting tools are mainly focused on SMEs. They are characterised by being easy and intuitive when it comes to carrying out accounting actions, as well as company invoicing. Within these platforms you will be able to carry out functions such as ordering orders, preparing delivery notes and receipts, as well as controlling inventory and organising documents.


  • Access to the platform from different users and computers.
  • Easy to parameterise for each business (products, prices, VAT, etc.).
  • Possibility to generate reports and graphs automatically.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office.


  • Customer management tools

Sage CRM, ZohoHubSpot 

The use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions for customer management is one of the great advances in business digitalisation, as they facilitate the development of all the processes associated with our customers and help us to get to know them better. However, some CRM solutions, aimed at large companies, are very complex to use. For this reason, we recommend these specific CRM platforms, as they are aimed at any type of business. With these tools you will be able to carry out campaigns, sales forecasts, generate orders, accounts, customers, budgets, etc., giving support to the different departments of your business.

Strong points: 

  • Customisable configuration for your business.
  • Quick implementation in time and effort.
  • You can design and schedule marketing campaigns with your customer database.
  • They allow you to plan and measure the impact of campaigns. 
  • They are compatible with other types of tools.


  • Project management tools 

EvernoteAsana, Trello  

These types of digital platforms have become potential tools for managing information, tasks and projects online.  Organising team roles, setting goals, tracking project changes, are just some of the advantages offered by these tools. These platforms being very visual and neat, you will be able to see and find all the information easily. 

Strong points: 

  • Adaptation to any device.
  • Easy file search.
  • Facilitates communication with teams.
  • Assigning and tracking tasks. 


These are just some of the tools you can use to facilitate the management of your online and physical business.


There are other types that can also be quite useful, such as platforms that help you to start up your e-commerce in an easy and intuitive way like WooCommerceShopify or PrestaShop. But we will talk about these in a more detailed way in another post.

Having this type of technological tools will help you improve the productivity of your team, save time and physical resources, as well as guarantee the efficiency of your processes and actions, avoiding the mistakes of doing it manually.


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