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Keep your subscribers informed with LinkedIn newsletters

22 Dec 2023. 12:31
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Surely you know LinkedIn, one of the most famous professional and business social networks in the entire network, which currently has more than 800 million users worldwide. But did you know that it also offers you the possibility of creating your own newsletter? We'll tell you all about it!

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Newsletter de linkedin


LinkedIn connects professionals from around the world on a single platform. On this platform, users connect, create content in various formats, share and discuss, and, most interestingly, expand their network through public and private groups. Additionally, LinkedIn allows you to create your own newsletter to send specialized content to your subscribers. How? We'll show you below.


What are LinkedIn newsletters?

They are newsletters that are published periodically on this social network, featuring a series of articles that focus on a specific topic. Their operation is practically identical to any other newsletter you might subscribe to on other internet portals. All LinkedIn users, whether with a personal or business account, can create their own newsletter to share with their followers or subscribe to those they like.

This content creation format helps you to:

  1. Improve your positioning: The more content you create in different formats, the more visibility LinkedIn will give you, allowing you to appear more often in your followers' feeds.

  2. Showcase yourself as a thought leader: Sharing content that adds value to your followers can help you become an authoritative reference within your LinkedIn community.

  3. Build a bond with your audience: Newsletters offer you the opportunity to stay in touch with your followers and tailor them to their preferences or needs. This will help you build a closer relationship with them.

  4. Generate conversions for your business: Additionally, you can add calls to action (CTAs). These can be links to purchases or directing traffic to your website, helping you convert those visits into beneficial actions for your business.


How can you create your own newsletter on LinkedIn?

The process to create a newsletter on LinkedIn is straightforward once you have a personal or business account and have many contacts in your network. If you want to learn how to do it, take note of these steps!

1. Go to the 'Home' page, find the 'Create a post' bar, and click on 'Write article.'

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2. On the new page, drop down the 'Manage' button and select the 'Create newsletter' option.

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3. Fill in the fields such as the title of the newsletter, the frequency of publication, the description of your newsletter and upload an image that represents you.

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4. Click 'Done' and LinkedIn will notify your contacts and followers.

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It's that simple!


Tips to Make the Most of Your Newsletter

This is not all! Now that you have your own newsletter, it's time to discover how you can make the most of it to enhance your presence on LinkedIn. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Identify your followers' interests: Study which topics are your audience's favorites and share in your newsletters those that are most relevant, can provide them with new ideas or advice, and help you gain more subscribers.

  2. Create varied content: Offer your followers the possibility to consume your posts in different formats. You can use articles for topics that need a more detailed approach, images, or infographics to make them more visual, or videos to spark their interest.

  3. Add links: Incorporate calls to action in your newsletters that redirect, for example, to your website. This will help you improve your metrics, increase conversions, and provide more information to subscribers.

  4. Publish regularly: Be consistent when publishing your newsletters and keep your content updated. You can do it weekly, twice a month, or monthly, but it's important to stay connected with your audience.


Newsletters are an important channel to deliver interesting content to your followers. In addition to giving, you greater visibility and becoming a reference point within the platform, it can help you build a community around your small business.

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