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How to implement the agile methodology in your SME?

02 Feb 2023. 11:54
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Speed and effectiveness make us stand out from the competition. The agile methodology can be a key tool to achieve this. Do you want to know why companies like Amazon, Google or Microsoft opt for this concept? Don't miss this post!

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The agile methodology is more than just a tool. It also goes beyond strategies or organization. It is a philosophy that is changing the modus operandi of the most recognized companies in the world to develop projects and meet the needs of their customers.

In other words, agile is a modern methodology that aims to identify customer demands and their most urgent needs to meet them as quickly as possible. It is based on constant communication between the members of a team, who divide the tasks by dividing the projects into parts and then joining them as if it were a puzzle.

The agile methodology is a way of working that large corporations have already signed up for

It was born just over 20 years ago in the software industry in Utah, a pioneer in versatility and security, as an initiative of the CEOs of these companies who made the firm decision to turn their work methodology around.

In contrast to traditional methods, which developed the project from the beginning and that the minimum unforeseen could be transcendental, the agile methodology facilitates the solution of problems in a fast, efficient way and that allows to make the best decision at the time it is necessary.

For this reason, and so that you can enjoy all its advantages, we have created a guide on how to implement the agile methodology step by step in your SME.


How to implement the agile methodology in your SME?

If this new philosophy has caught your attention and you want to know how to implement it in your company, here is a guide so you can apply it step by step:

Step 1. Dare to open up to change

Bet on the agile methodology creating an ecosystem of flexibility and freedom. New technologies are important and will make it easier for you to take the step, so choose the tools you are going to use well.


Step 2. Be clear about your priorities

If you have already made the decision to bet on agility, be clear that you have to do it in a progressive way and to which you can adapt easily so as not to hinder the dynamics that work.

Analyze the strengths of your company, but also the defects and the environment that surrounds it to know where it is and how you have to adapt the agile methodology.


Step 3. Invest in the training of your workers

The employee is the greatest value a company has, and the best ambassador he will ever have. Creating an environment where motivation, freedom and self-management prevail avoiding overloads will bring you closer to excellence. But for this you will also have to bet on teaching them and expanding their knowledge.


Step 4. Foster an open and cooperative space

People understand each other by talking, and much more if they are co-workers. Free, open and constant communication will bring you benefits, since you will all work in the same line, and this will generate a bond from which you will get the results you want.


Step 5. Dare to try new tools

The expansion of new ways of working will open the doors to a new world and broaden your horizons. But you will need tools that allow you to implement this change in your company. Betting on an efficient and collaborative software, and even the redesign of your offices or workspace, will give a leap in quality to your deliveries.


Step 6. Put the customer at the center of everything

This philosophy will allow you to meet all your customer's needs by enabling you to deliver early and continuously. The customer comes first and everything you do has to be focused on solving their problems.


The advantages of betting on the agile methodology

Changes are never easy, but they will surely make you grow.

According to the study Pulse of the Profession 2017, 71% of companies in the United States already use this method of work in one way or another and have been able to see how the success rate has risen by 28%.

Allowing you to always make the best decision at all times through a method to easily face problems, agility allows companies to do higher quality work that also raises the commitment, performance, satisfaction and productivity of workers.

So now you already know: if you want to get on board with modernity and efficiency, sign up for change and bet on the agile methodology.


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