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Get to know the key solutions of the Kit Digital for the self-employed

02 Jul 2023. 23:05
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In recent years, the need for digitalisation of the self-employed and SMEs has become increasingly evident. For this reason, the Kit Digital programme has been designed in Spain, with grants aimed at the digital transformation of the self-employed and SMEs.

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Consumers are demanding more and more and, therefore, companies must know how to adapt to these changes in the behaviour of their target audience. To this end, technology is a great ally for businesses, especially for the self-employed. However, there are times when it can be difficult to tackle this digital transformation. As mentioned above, to facilitate this process, the Digital Kit voucher has been designed with the help of different solutions.

If you are self-employed, you will be interested in the following solutions.


Find out about the Kit Digital solutions for SMEs and the self-employed

If you are thinking about joining the digital shift to improve your competitive advantage in the marketplace, the following solutions are for you:

  1. Basic Internet presence: the purpose of this solution is to enable you to have a website to give you visibility on the internet. The maximum amount of this aid is 2,000 euros. Among its services, the following stand out:
  • Domain and hosting: both the domain of your web page and the hosting will be given to you for a minimum period of twelve months.
  • Website design: you will be able to obtain the structure of the website, with a minimum of 3 sections. In addition, your website will be adapted to any type of device. For example: a home page (Landing Page), the presentation of the company, the contact form, among others.
  • Accessibility: the web design will comply with the level AA conformity criteria of the WCAG-2.1 Guidelines. Thanks to the accessibility of your website, the user experience will improve.
  • Basic positioning: your SME's information will be found in the main search engines (On-Page), for example: Google or Bing.
  • Self-manageable: you will have a content management platform so that you can modify the contents whenever you want or need to. All of this, without having to go to the Digitalisation Agent providing the service.


  1. Social Media management: this category aims to help you promote your company on social networks. The amount of this grant is 2,500 euros. Among its functionalities, the following stand out:
  • Social Media Plan: design and implementation of a social media strategy aligned with your mission and vision to connect with your potential customers.
  • Social media monitoring: monitoring and control of campaign impacts to analyse results.
  • Social Media Audit: will help you optimise social media performance.
  • Management of a social network: administration of your profile in at least one social network.


  1. Electronic invoicing: this solution allows you to digitise the flow of issuing and receiving invoices from your customers and suppliers. This solution is very useful for the self-employed and SMEs as electronic invoicing is mandatory. The maximum amount of this aid is 2,000 euros. Among its services, the following stand out:
  • Invoices in structured and unlimited format: at least in FACTURA-E format, to facilitate automated processing.
  • Sending and receiving invoices: possibility of sending and receiving electronic invoices directly.
  • Regular backups: to avoid possible losses, you will be able to make backup copies, with the possibility of daily backups.


  1. Cybersecurity: thanks to this solution, you will be able to have basic and advanced security on your employees' devices. The maximum amount of this aid is 6,000 euros. Among its features, the following stand out:


  • Antimalware and antispyware: you will have at your disposal both tools that will protect your SME from harmful actions on your computer system.


  • Secure email: with email scanning tools that have anti-spam and anti-phishing features to secure your email communications.


  • Threat analysis and detection: tools that analyse and detect threats that threaten the security of your SME.


In addition to these solutions, the Kit Digital offers a total of 12 solutions that you can order to accelerate the digital transformation of your business.


How to apply for the Kit Digital solutions?

First of all, companies and freelancers must meet specific requirements to apply for the Digital Kit voucher. If they meet the requirements, they must go to the Acelera Pyme website and register through an online form to take the Digital Diagnostic Test.

Once the Digital Diagnostic Test has been completed, the interested party acquires the status of beneficiary of the digital voucher and can start using it. However, it is important to bear in mind that you have a period of six months to do so. In addition, with the voucher, you can contract up to five different services for a period of one year.

The Kit Digital solutions are waiting for you, take your SME to the next level!


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