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Do you work in livestock? Google Trends helps you to find the latest trends in the industry

13 Feb 2024. 13:48
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Adapting to the market is fundamental for the development of an SME. And, if your SME is dedicated to livestock farming, detecting new consumer habits or tastes of your customers will undoubtedly help you to differentiate yourself from your competition and promote the growth of your business.

In this post, we talk about a tool that helps you identify new trends: Google Trends.

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Google Trends para la ganadería

The trend search engine

According to a study, almost 82% of internet users between 18 and 64 years of age use a search engine on a recurring basis to find answers to their questions on the web. This promotes the use of a series of keywords that briefly describe the reason for their queries. Websites can take advantage of this to appear among the first results.

This digital marketing strategy is known as Web Positioning, which can use SEO and SEM strategies to optimise results and increase visits to your website.

In this context, Google Trends appears, a tool that uses the data recorded in Google - the world's largest search engine - to detect which keywords are the most searched for. Also, which terms are related to your business or your products.

Want to see how it works? We'll show you!


Google Trends: find what your customers are looking for

This trend search tool is a completely free online platform that any user with a Google account can use for free.


Google Trends uses data recorded by Google - the world's largest search engine - to detect which keywords are the most searched for.


Its operation is very simple and, below, we show you its sections:

  1. Home: this is the home page that presents the platform once you enter it. It contains general information on the latest trends, current issues and the possibility of subscribing to its newsletter.


  1. Explore: this is the tab where you can type in the keyword you want to research and see the results. You can filter by country, time period, category or platforms you want to search on. It also shows the regions where the keyword is most searched for, related topics and queries, and compare it with another term!


  1. Trending now: this is the section that collects the general searches that are being carried out. You can filter by country and, in addition, differentiate between daily or real-time searches.



Benefits for an SME in the livestock sector

But how can Google Trends help a livestock business?

Being aware of the trends that internet users are searching for can also be an advantage for your SME if you are able to make the most of them and incorporate them into your business.

Therefore, using this tool is important for several reasons:

  1. Adapting to changes: livestock sector must be very aware of a number of changing factors that depend on consumer demand, new government policies or weather conditions. Having a platform that shows all these variations allows you to keep your SME competitive in the market.
  2. Optimising resources: keeping abreast of new technologies, devices, platforms and systems emerging in the market can help you reduce your costs and increase the performance of your livestock SME, as well as reduce your environmental impact and promote sustainability.
  3. Create valuable content: knowing what people are looking for based on the keywords they use, and even their location, helps you create blog posts on your website or posts on your social media accounts that invite them to come to your business.
  4. Seasonal product detection: Google Trends allows you to see how searches for a keyword evolve over a given period of time. So, if a product is searched for in certain months of the year, it allows you to plan the purchase forecast correctly.
  5. Competitor analysis: in addition, by using the name of your competitors, you can see what related terms are associated with them. If another livestock SME has a strong influence on a certain product, you can use this information for better decision making.


This tool allows you to stay on top of developments surrounding your business, as well as increase your knowledge and provide you with new information on practices that you can incorporate into your SME to improve its performance.

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