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Do you know what are the advantages of ".es" domains?

10 Mar 2022. 08:52
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As we already know, having our own website is key for the relationship with our customers and for the expansion of our business. The choice of the name of that website and the internet code with which we are going to register it is of great importance. Do you know which are the options that can benefit your SME in the Spanish market? We tell you about them in this post!

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First of all, let's explain one of the most basic topics when starting an online business, digitalising your company or protecting your brand on the internet: domains!

A domain is a unique and exclusive name made up of a set of characters that identifies a web page on the Internet. In other words, no two domains are the same. Bearing this in mind, we must highlight that all domains consist of two parts, a name and an extension. For example: for the Acelera pyme Platform, the domain is where the name is accelerapyme and the extension is ".es".

Domain extensions are also known as top-level domains and fall into two broad groups.

  • ccTLDs (country code Top Leves Domains): linked to countries, such as ".es" for Spain, ".it" for Italy, ".de" for Germany, etc.
  • gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains): are generic extensions such as ".com", ".net", ".org", among others.

In Spain,, the entity under the Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence that is in charge of developing the Acelera pyme Programme and managing the Digital Kit, is also in charge of managing domain names with the extension ".es". For this reason, we tell you about the advantages of ".es" domains and why you should have one.


Increased reach of Spanish-speaking users

Internet services presented under ".es" domains are associated with Spain. This is why a ".es" domain represents a guarantee that your Spanish customers will find you and identify your SME as a company close to them.


Protecting the company's online identity

Your company's ".es" domain is a key element of its online identity. Having this type of domain can prevent your company's digital identity from being easily impersonated by competitors or cybercriminals.


Better search engine ranking

The extension ".es" is itself an element of the domain that helps to segment geographically. This can bring benefits when it comes to obtaining prominent positions in search engines.


Reliability and quality of service

As mentioned above, ".es" domain registrations are managed by the Public Business Entity, a body attached to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, guaranteeing the highest standards of reliability and quality in the market. In addition, at no additional cost, offers an optional secondary DNS (domain name system) server, which helps to guarantee the presence of ".es" domains on the Internet.


Flexibility, agility and durability over time

The flexibility of the registration criteria for ".es" domains established in the National Plan for Domain Names under ".es" makes it possible to reduce the time required to register a domain, making the process practically immediate. Once registered, it can be registered or renewed for up to 10 years. This, in order to avoid annual renewal procedures.

Now that you know all the advantages of having a ".es" domain, we encourage you to register your SME's domain within the framework of the Acelera pyme Programme. And if you already have a top-level domain ".com" or another code, we recommend that you also register the ".es" domain, since, for a very low cost, you will obtain a better digital positioning in search engines.

In fact,' current rates are very competitive, being even lower than those offered for other top-level domains. In addition, through accredited Registrars, you will be able to find solutions tailored to your needs at reduced prices.

Para más información, puedes visitar la web, descargarte el folleto informativo o visualizar este vídeo explicativo sobre las ventajas de contar con un dominio “.es”.

For more information, you can visit the website, download the information brochure or watch this video explaining the advantages of having a ".es" domain.

In addition, has a user support service that deals with any request for information in Spanish by calling 902 010 755 and 91 275 06 15, or by e-mail at



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