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Discover the phenomenon of influencer marketing

07 Sep 2023. 14:45
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Did you know that in Europe, currently, there are more than 10 million Instagram users who are considered influencers? In this post, we are going to show you what influencer marketing is and how you can use it to boost your business.

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Descubre el fenómeno del influencer marketing

What are influencers?

Influencers are content creators on digital platforms that have a large number of followers, which makes them a good speaker to distribute messages and reach many people.


What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a strategy that consists of collaboration between an influencer and a company so that it can reach more people and achieve some of its objectives as a business.

Although the results depend on each campaign, influencer marketing has become a good option when promoting a business. In fact, according to one study, companies earn $5.78 for every one they invest on.


What are the benefits?

Having an influencer marketing strategy can mean a series of advantages for your SME:

  • Credibility: content creators are a reliable source of information for their followers. This helps make it easier to attract and convince users to convert them into customers.

  • Reach: advertising your products with the support of an influencer can allow you to have greater visibility and get a large number of new users to know your company and what you offer.

  • Segmentation: by choosing the right influencer, you will empower your products to reach your target audience as long as their followers are aligned with the services you provide in your company.

  • Creativity: you will have the opportunity to create ads different from those that users are used to and generate an impact among followers. In addition, you can use different platforms and different formats such as images, videos or audios.


Tips for creating your influencer marketing strategy

Now that you know how collaborating with an influencer can help you reach new consumers and achieve your goals, it's time to discover how you can develop your own strategy.

  1. Identify what your goals are: before collaborating with a content creator, it is important that you are clear about what you want to achieve with this strategy. Select if you want to increase your sales, get more followers on your social media accounts, have more visibility, or generate impact among consumers.

  2. Determine what your ideal audience looks like: research what types of people are most likely to become your customers. This will help you make the strategy more effective, and your ads reach social media users who can become customers of your business.

  3. Select the budget: choose the type of investment you want to make for the campaign and the economic effort you are willing to make. This step will help you determine how many people you want to reach and the type of content creator you want to collaborate with.

  4. Select the right influencer: once you have cleared your goals, it is important that you choose the content creator that best suits your needs. Although the number of followers is important, the first thing you have to assess is whether your followers are interested in the type of products you sell in your business. Therefore, it analyses the type of content they elaborate and the acceptance it has among users.

  5. Create original content: although you can give the influencer all the freedom to develop the content, they consider appropriate, you can contribute ideas or point out the aspects that you consider most relevant when making the announcement. It is important that it is new content so that it attracts the attention of followers and achieves a greater impact.

  6. Analyze the results: monitor the scope of your collaboration with an influencer to know if the campaign has been effective and the established objectives have been achieved. To do this, you can ask the content creator to share metrics for posts they've made with your business. Also, you can use web analytics tools such as Google Analytics to know how many new users you have achieved thanks to this campaign.


Was this helpful? If you want to start using a new digital strategy that helps you reach more users, sign up for influencer marketing!

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