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Discover the European Certificate of Digital Competence pilot project

10 Aug 2023. 12:33
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Are you interested in certifying your digital skills? The European Certificate of Digital Competence pilot project is for you. We tell you all about it in this post!

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Certificado piloto Europeo de Competencia Digital

In an increasingly digitized world, acquiring digital skills is essential to succeed both professionally and personally. In order to promote and recognize these skills, the European Union has launched the European Pilot Certificate of Digital Competence. This certificate, also known as Digital Competence Certificate, is a key tool to drive digital transformation and ensure that European citizens are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.


What are the objectives of the European Digital Competence Certificate pilot?

Among the objectives of this pilot certificate, the following stand out:

  1. Improve the recognition of digital skills through quality minimums: it seeks to ensure that digital skills certifications are reliable and recognized throughout Europe. This involves defining clear and transparent criteria to assess and validate the digital skills of individuals, which in turn will contribute to the standardization and comparability of digital skills.

  2. Complement existing digital skills certifications: by integrating and harmonizing national certifications with a European certificate, it facilitates the validation of digital skills acquired in different contexts and encourages cooperation between EU Member States.

  3. Allow individuals to indicate their level of digital skills: the issuance of this personalized certificate will accurately and verifiably reflect the digital skills of each individual. By having a certificate recognized at European level, individuals will be able to demonstrate their digital skills to employers, educational institutions and other relevant stakeholders in the workplace and education, facilitating job search, labor mobility and professional development.

  4. Encourage citizens to acquire new digital skills: by establishing a certification system that recognizes individual achievements in the digital domain, the aim is to motivate people to invest in their development and training in digital skills. This will help bridge the digital divide, foster digital inclusion and improve employability in the digital age.


Discover the benefits of this Certificate

Among the benefits of this pilot project, the following stand out:

  • Official recognition: the Certificate is endorsed by the European Commission and will be recognized throughout the European Union. This gives certificate holders additional credibility and demonstrates their mastery of the digital skills needed in today's world.

  • Improved employability: in an increasingly competitive labour market, having the European Pilot Certificate of Digital Competence can make all the difference when looking for a job. This certificate demonstrates to potential employers that the holder has the necessary skills to adapt and thrive in a digital work environment.

  • Professional development: the Certificate can also be used by working professionals who wish to improve their digital skills. It provides a solid foundation for professional development and can open doors to growth opportunities within an organisation.

  • Internationalisation: in addition, this Certificate will be recognised throughout the European Union, making it a particularly valuable tool for those seeking opportunities in other European countries. It will also facilitate labour mobility and integration into the European labour market.


In addition, this pilot project will test the practical use of this Certificate in work, education and training. Furthermore, the results of the pilot project will be presented as part of a feasibility study on the European Certificate of Digital Competences by the end of the year. It is expected to be launched in 2024 on the basis of the pilot project and the study. 

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