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Digital transformation in education: a new resource

06 Oct 2023. 15:02
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Did you know that 78% of teachers in Spain believe that the need for digitalization will grow in the next 3 years? If you want to find out how to boost this process, read on!

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Education: a sector in constant learning

Digitalization is a fact in all aspects of our lives. And, of course, the education sector is part of this change.

In fact, according to a study, in Spain, 100% of schools have Internet connection, while 60% of their classrooms have digital systems.

This has allowed citizens, regardless of the level of training they are receiving, to enjoy a number of advantages:

  1. Accessing a wide source of information during their classes.
  2. Carry out their own activities with these tools.
  3. Establish a communication system that allows people to contact each other from anywhere with an Internet connection.

In short, digitalization plays a key role in the training of future professionals and in the future development of our society.


The importance of digital training for professionals

In this area, training is becoming increasingly important for future professionals to master and expand their digital knowledge.

Therefore, knowing the most important aspects of digitization will serve to:

  1. Foster digital competence and improve the skills of future professionals with the platforms they will use in the future.
  2. Develop new skills that will also allow them to perform and relate different tasks.
  3. Personalize learning according to their individual needs and interests.
  4. To be prepared for any evolution that may arise from this new technological era.


5 tips for achieving digital empowerment in the education sector

Want to know how digitization can help boost the education sector? Write down these tips and get the most out of it:

  1. Identify your objectives: analyze what you want to achieve before making any decisions and determine the goals you intend to achieve in your educational center.
  2. Design a personalized plan: detect the characteristics of each professional and student to offer a flexible plan that fits their preferences so that each person can progress at their own pace.
  3. Use online resources: take advantage of the options offered by the Internet to provide both teachers and students with new ways to teach classes, learn about lessons, do their homework and even contact each other.
  4. Promote practical activities: implement a system in which, in addition to knowing the theoretical aspects of a subject, students can test their knowledge by performing practical tasks through digital tools.
  5. Evaluate and readjust: ask people what aspects they like and which ones they think you should improve. This will help you detect which points are your teachers' and students' favorites and which ones need improvement.


In conclusion, digital transformation is not only important, but also necessary to promote the development of students. It also allows them to discover new ways of learning with new, more interactive techniques that allow them to access an inexhaustible source of knowledge such as the Internet.

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