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Digital marketing if your client is a company

26 Nov 2021. 16:28
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Increasing the visibility of your SME and acquiring higher value customers are some of the benefits of introducing digital marketing in your SME. 

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Digital marketing if your client is a company

Many activities have moved to the digital channel. Even those in which it was unthinkable, such as professional relationships in businesses where the client is a company. In these models, in-person attention has always been a key aspect where the differential advantage lies. However, according to Gartner's The Future of Sales in 2025 study, by 2025, 80% of sales interactions in B2B (business to business) models are expected to take place in digital channels.. 

This shift towards a more online presence is an opportunity for your SME to boost its business through techniques such as Business to Business (B2B) digital marketing. 


What is digital marketing? 

Digital marketing includes all advertising or commercial strategies and actions that take place in the online environment. It includes different techniques such as SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media marketing, display marketing, affiliate marketing and e-mail marketing, among others.  


Digital marketing helps you boost your SME's relationship with your customers.


Why is it important to incorporate digital marketing into your SME if your client is a business? 

Digital marketing will help you achieve both strategic and business objectives you have set, helping your SME to boost sales, increase awareness and strengthen brand image and reputation. Here are some of the many benefits of digital marketing and how your SME can achieve them. 

  1. Increase the visibility and notoriety of your SME. 

There are different digital marketing techniques such as SEO, SEM and social media actions that improve your online presence. This way, when a customer searches for your product or service, your company will appear among the first results. This aspect is essential, since according to a Sistrix study, 28.5% of people who use Google click on the first organic result. Moreover, this click rate is 10 times higher in the first position than in the tenth position.  

It is therefore important that you reinforce your search engine positioning as it will lead to an increase in traffic to your website, boosting your visibility and reinforcing your brand image as a leading company. 


  1. Get higher value customers.

Digital marketing allows you to get more qualified traffic to your SME's website in two ways. 

The first is data collection and analysis. Digital media actions offer you solid information in real time about how many people are visiting your website or how many complete the purchase, among many others. This analysis provides you with valuable knowledge, as it allows you to identify those customers who complete the purchase process, delivering data and characteristics from which you can create an ideal customer prototype or buyer persona. 

In addition, you can segment your digital marketing actions. After establishing the criteria that your ideal customer meets, you will be able to launch campaigns and segmented communication actions to impact similar clients. In this way, you can reinforce the clients you already have and discover new market niches to target.


  1. Walk with your customer through the buying process.

Digital marketing allows you to accompany your customer throughout the entire purchasing process, enhancing all the key aspects so that your customer can complete it successfully. You can boost it by developing an optimised website with interesting content, being present in the digital channels they use to attract their attention (social networks, search engines, banners on related pages...) and sending personalised and automated emails with eye-catching and valuable information. In this way, you will be present in all the stages your customer goes through, from the moment they feel the need for your service or product to the after-sales service, in many cases achieving customer loyalty.  


  1. Invest resources effectively. 

Information and continuous analysis of your customer interaction allows you to make optimal communications, dedicating your resources to those actions that give you the best return on investment. According to a study by Fortella, The State of B2B Marketing 2021, the majority of marketers stated that these actions have multiplied ROI by 4-7 times, with the highest growth in small businesses. This data demonstrates that digital marketing is a great tool to drive growth for your SME, providing you with data that reinforces your decision making and allowing you to test campaigns to ensure the effectiveness of your investment. 


Digital marketing provides great benefits to your SME, increasing your visibility and presence in the market, expanding your customer base, generating databases that guide your decisions and multiplying the return on your investment, among others. Analyse your company's needs, establish a digital marketing strategy and start enjoying all the advantages of promoting your SME in the online environment. 



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