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Desafía London 2023: the program to boost cleantech entrepreneurship

22 May 2023. 16:28
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Are you interested in innovative technology ecosystems? Desafía London 2023 is for you. We tell you all the details in this post.

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Descripción, in collaboration with ICEX and the Spanish Economic and Commercial Office in London, has launched the Desafía London program. In its first edition, this program aims to accompany Spanish cleantech startups that wish to scale their business model internationally. Below, we tell you all the features and requirements to participate.


What is Desafía London?

As mentioned above, this program was created with the aim of boosting the growth of companies in the cleantech sector. Thanks to this aid, companies will be able to compete on a global scale, becoming international references in the cleantech sector.

The program will be managed by Cambridge Cleantech, the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and Oxfordshire Greentech.


What does the program consist of?

The program is divided in three phases:

  1. First phase: consists of several preparation sessions where participants will be introduced to the immersion program and the tasks to be performed will be defined. This phase will take place in Madrid.
  2. Second phase: for two weeks, participants will attend an immersion program in which they will have group training sessions, workshops and networking events.  In addition, attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in the ecosystem through the UK's Golden Triangle: London, Oxford and Cambridge. This phase will take place in London from September 11-23.
  3. Third phase: called "Alumni", it is focused on accompanying and reinforcing the participants' network of contacts. The objective is to generate business opportunities.


Find out the requirements to participate

To be eligible to participate, startups must offer a service and/or product related to clean tech technologies: renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, clean and sustainable transportation technologies, carbon capture, circular economy, water management, sustainable construction.

If you are interested, you must fill out this form before June 2, 2023.

Don't hesitate, participate in Desafía London 2023 and take your tech startup to the next level!

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