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Cybersecurity tools to help you protect your SME

31 Mar 2023. 12:01
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Protecting your company, no matter how big or small, is essential to ensure its smooth running. For this reason, in this post we present a series of tools that will help you prevent any cybersecurity incident.

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According to a report published by Google, 60% of SMEs that have been victims of a cyber-attack disappear within 6 months of the incident. One of the reasons for this is due to the average cost of the attack, which is approximately €35,000. This type of attack can target computers, servers, networks, information systems, among other company components.

All of this, with the aim of obtaining valuable information such as: bank details, personal customer data, supplier information, among others. Therefore, the ability to protect against, detect and respond to cyber-attacks quickly is becoming increasingly important for businesses.

In this context, companies are increasingly aware of the importance of taking cybersecurity measures. In fact, according to a study on the State of cybersecurity in Spain, carried out by Secure&IT, 51.3% of Spanish companies will increase their investment in cybersecurity by 2023. Furthermore, 90% of Spanish companies have been affected by cyber-attacks. So that this does not happen to you, we tell you which are the main tools to keep your SME safe.


What are the main tools to keep your SME secure?

Thanks to the implementation of cybersecurity tools, you can protect your devices, the information stored on them, as well as the communications used to exchange information. Read on to find out more about the different tools:


  1. Antivirus and cleaners: These systems are designed with the objective of preventing, detecting and removing infections on individual computing devices, networks and IT systems. As the name suggests, anti-viruses are essential for removing viruses and other threats in real time. On the other hand, cleaners are tools that help you clean your devices from botnets (a network of infected computers controlled remotely by a cybercriminal).


  1. URL and file scanners: these scanners help you to check if the web pages/files you receive are malicious. They help to quickly detect any type of threat before it affects your computers or systems, avoiding problems. Apart from tracking files, these scanners can warn you of possible phishing attacks, malware or dangerous links.


  1. Firewalls: Also known as "firewalls", they control the connections established between devices and the internet. They also monitor who can access the information stored on your computer and block all unauthorised connections.  For example, they can block advertisements, track websites and other applications, and more.


  1. VPNs: protect your company's information when employees connect to the internal network remotely or through unsecured connections, ensuring that information travels in encrypted form. In this way, this tool prevents malicious users from accessing your company's confidential data.


  1. Two-factor authentication: these mechanisms serve to protect your accounts from possible attacks. It is the solution to provide greater security for your user accounts so that only you can access them. In addition to your usual passwords, you will need a code that only you will receive via your mobile phone. By activating double verification, an additional layer of protection is added to the account in case the user suffers a password theft or similar.


Thanks to these tools, your SME's information will be better protected from cyber-attacks. Taking into account the obstacles that cybersecurity can pose for an SME (lack of knowledge and resources, difficulty of implementation, among others), the Kit Digital offers different solutions for this.

Thanks to the Kit Digital cybersecurity solution, you will have basic and advanced security for your devices and those of your employees. You can apply for your digital voucher, which consists of a maximum amount of €6,000, divided into the following categories:

  • 0 < 3 employees: €125/device (up to 2 devices).
  • 3 < 9 employees: €125/device (up to 9 devices).
  • 10 < 50 employees: €125/device (up to 48 devices).

Business activities and continuity depend on avoiding cybersecurity incidents that could put both your IT infrastructure and stored confidential information at risk. Don't hesitate to take cybersecurity measures to boost your business.



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