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Complete the Acelera pyme self-test and discover the digital maturity of your SME

03 Sep 2021. 15:17
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Find out your company’s digitalisation level and how to drive your digital transformation.

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Pill about Acelera pyme's self-testing tool to discover the digital maturity of your SME

Companies, especially those that carry out part of their activity in the digital environment, must continually evolve to ensure their competitiveness and survival. Especially at a time when digitalisation is here to stay.

In a situation of constant change in which new players are entering the market and traditional companies are developing new capabilities, channels, and ways of interacting, it is essential that you, as the manager or leader of your company's digital transformation, have a clear understanding of where your business currently stands. Therefore, you will be able to set realistic and achievable goals, ensuring the development of your business in the medium and long term.

Having a comprehensive understanding of your SME's current situation in terms of digital transformation can be a complex task. For this reason, the Acelera pyme Platform provides you with several self-testing tools, so you can perform a quick and easy analysis, saving time and optimising costs.


What are self-testing tools?

These tools are a set of tests that allow you not only to know your SME’s level of digital maturity at a global level, but also to identify which areas you need to strengthen in order to implement a successful digital transformation process. They offer you an analysis and several recommendations based on your results so that you can take your business to the next level of digitalisation and competitiveness.

First, you must sign in your SME on the Acelera pyme Platform.  Once completed, you will have access to these tools and will be able to start your analysis.


Discover the level of digital maturity of your SME with the self-testing tools.


Hereafter, we tell you what each test consists of and all the benefits they bring you.


Digital maturity self-testing tools. Express test and advanced test


Express test

This is the first test we recommend you complete. The questionnaire is made up of 13 simple questions, so it should take you no more than 10 minutes to answer. These questions are based on two of the most relevant digitalisation indicators at European level: DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index) and DII (Digital Intensity Index).

The express test allows you to find out the level of digital maturity of your SME according to the guidelines applied by the European Commission in the DESI. Depending on your result, it places your SME in one of the 4 levels of digitalisation: too low, low, high, or very high.

Moreover, it shows you the national benchmark values for the indicators that have been analysed in the questionnaire. Therefore, you are not only aware of your internal situation, but you also get a comparison with the average of Spanish SMEs, discovering which aspects give you a competitive advantage in the market and which ones need to be strengthened.


Advanced test

Once you have completed the express test, you will be able to start the advanced test.

This tool allows you to deepen your knowledge about your SME’s digital maturity level. The questionnaire consists of a maximum of 47 questions, which varies depending on the sector of your company and the number of employees, so it will take you no more than 20 minutes to complete.

In addition, it is organised around the 8 relevant areas of digital transformation: digital strategy, digital organisation, infrastructure and technology, cybersecurity, customer relationship, marketing, business processes and support processes.


This test provides you with a comprehensive overview of the areas involved in the digital transformation of your company.


Once you have completed the questionnaire, you obtain the results, placing your SME in one of the 4 digital transformation levels, showing your current situation, your most digitalised areas, and those areas on which you should focus your efforts.

As a result of the advanced self-test, you will know the pace at which your SME is progressing. If it is progressing at starting, medium, cruise or maximum speed.

In addition, you will find a detailed analysis and an action plan with specific recommendations for each area of digitalisation based on the speed you have achieved. Not only will you learn about your current situation, but you will also discover different ways in which you can boost the digitalisation of those areas that need more support.


Each of the tools offers you different benefits. We recommend you perform both tests to get an overview of your SME in the digitalisation process. All tests are saved, and you can repeat them as many times as you want, so you can compare the results and see your evolution. This will help you define the future direction of your business in an effective way, simplifying your decision-making process.

As we mentioned at the opening of this post, it is essential to know your starting point to establish the right path to reach your goals. Are you determined to find out where your SME is? Are you ready to take the leap?

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