Total customer care and the advantages of virtual assistants / chatbots

16 Jan 2024. 09:45
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The ease of accessing information is one of the main characteristics of digital transformation and evolution. Therefore, as SMEs, we must be as close as possible to our customers to solve their doubts at any time.

In this monograph, we present chatbots, a very useful tool that you can implement on your website.

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Executive summary

Customers expect to find a business that has an online presence, to resolve their queries quickly and instantly, at any time of the week or hour, and for a large part of their queries, without having to pick up the phone.  In this new context of a digitalised society, chatbots are gaining prominence. These robots that answer questions have evolved with Artificial Intelligence, achieving a more natural understanding and language, advancing with functionalities beyond frequently asked questions.

Chatbots can be defined as software that simulates a real conversation with a human. It is a chat that provides automatic responses. In the first instance, they have meant the evolution of frequently asked questions, or FAQs, with a better design and saving the user time by being able to ask the virtual assistant directly. Later, they have evolved thanks to Artificial Intelligence. There are currently three types of FAQs:

  1. Rule-based: respond based on a predefined set of programmed responses. They work well for predictable and simple interactions.

  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based: uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing. They have the ability to understand context and provide more complex responses.

  3. Visual interaction model and natural language processing: based on the user's profile and needs, redirects them to the area of the application or website that is of interest to them.

Los principales beneficios de los chatbots son:

  • Continuous customer service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Reduce customer service requests requiring human intervention.

  • Tailor-made services or products can be recommended and the language can be adapted.

  • It is an additional channel (omnichannel strategy).

  • It improves the opportunity cost, as with the same initial investment it is possible to attend to any number of people who request it by chatbot simultaneously.

  • It provides an image of modernity for SMEs.

  • The constant evolution of this technology makes it possible to generate more complex conversations.

The main characteristics that a chatbot should have are the following; provide a customisable experience; have continuous availability; identify themselves as chatbots; put the person in contact with customer service if they do not know how to answer the question; convey the language and tone chosen by the brand and use natural language, with coherent, clear and concise answers.

There are many tools on the market for creating chatbots without the need for web developers. Some of them are:  WhatsApp Business Apps, GPT, Eva Conversational AI,, ManyChat, Manybot,, HubSpot, Chatfuel, SnatchBot and Botsify.

In short, it is a first channel of communication with the customer, which can be multilingual, that helps them and provides a better overall experience in their interaction with the company, resolves essential doubts, helps them find what they need and reduces the most tedious workload for the SME.

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