Improve customer service and satisfaction by accompanying them on their journey in a digital environment

06 Jul 2023. 16:51
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If you want to learn how to improve the customer experience in your company, in this monographic we are going to show you how you can do it.

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Executive summary

Customer experience has become a key factor in ensuring the success of any business, and the self-employed and small businesses are no exception. Customer experience is understood as the set of perceptions and sensations that a customer has when interacting with a company throughout the entire purchasing process. This experience is highly related to digitalisation, as more and more customers prefer to interact with companies through digital channels. The combination of the two concepts allows companies to remain competitive in today's market, while having a positive impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Improving customer service and customer experience in a digital environment brings a number of benefits that, in addition to those already mentioned, can lead to an improved brand image, reduced costs and increased profitability. In addition, it allows reaching new markets and expanding the customer base, as digital marketing strategies can be used. Furthermore, through data collection enabled by digitalisation, personalisation of the customer experience can be facilitated. 

For all these reasons, it is important for SMEs to implement a strategy focused on improving the digital experience of their customers. To do so, a series of simple guidelines can be followed, developed throughout the monograph, without the need for large investments in technology or advanced knowledge. 

There are a number of tools for improving customer service that can be adapted to the needs of any small business with more limited digital skills, such as Hootsuite, Mailchimp or Zendesk.  

However, this model can evolve if the particular SME has a more advanced level of digital maturity, through the design of a self-service strategy based on a chatbot. 

This new artificial intelligence tool allows you to support and connect consumers with the services or information they need. There are several chatbot tools such as, MobileMonkey or ManyChat, which can be used to implement a chatbot without the need for a large investment.  

Overall, digitilising customer service can not only improve the customer experience, but can also have a positive impact on a business' brand and bottom line. Implementing online customer service improvements can generally increase customer satisfaction, strengthen relationships with existing customers and attract new ones. 

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