How to make your SME more efficient with cloud services.

20 Jun 2022. 18:41
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Cloud services allow companies to better adopt the digitisation of their internal and external processes, boosting and enhancing their digitisation.

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Executive summary

The Spanish business fabric is largely made up of SMEs, which account for 98.99% of all companies. Despite this, they have a low level of digitalisation in the business fabric, where cloud services are only used by 16% of companies.

As a result of the pandemic, the need to boost digitisation in SMEs has accelerated, allowing cloud services to be adopted by companies as the best way to boost their internal and/or external processes, increasing by 21.55% since 2018.

The first section of the report details what a cloud service is, as well as the different aspects to achieve the success of this model:

  • All as a Service (PaaS and SaaS). In addition to storage and other IT resources, businesses can use pre-designed tools to develop, customise and test their own or third-party applications through maximum cloud coverage. In addition, this section will show the main advantages in terms of the architecture of solutions as a service (SaaS), operated and managed in cloud mode.

  • All packaged and industrialised, to guarantee agility and automation in deployment, as well as offering unlimited scalability to meet the needs of the SMEs that require it.

  • Verticalised, to respond to SMEs according to the characteristics of their activity. Incorporating external solutions or new devices that provide added value, increase overall functionality, and can have greater market reach.

  • All orchestrated and governed in a centralised way, to allow a central configuration of all the business logic, introducing benefits for SMEs.

The following section details the main digital solutions or tools that SMEs can implement in cloud environments, detailing the solutions for each of the areas, whether sales, where the enterprise resource planning system, point of sale terminal and eCommerce, mCommerce and cCommerce solutions should be highlighted. For the payments area, aspects such as electronic receipt, payment with device and payment by notification stand out. Finally, in the area of customer loyalty, digital marketing tools, Real Time Marketing, coupons and, finally, marketing and communication campaigns stand out.

Currently, providers offer SMEs numerous tools and services that can be adapted to their business needs and help them to grow.

For all these reasons, it is important to highlight that it is increasingly common to accompany businesses with cloud services to improve their efficiency, communication, and business management.

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