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06 Jul 2022. 12:38
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Learn what digital marketing is, as well as the advantages that developing an optimal digital marketing strategy can bring to your business and the types of strategies that exist.

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Executive summary

With the considerable increase in the number of internet users, marketing strategies are of great importance for companies' web positioning and customer acquisition.

Partly due to the confinement situation caused by the pandemic, the use of social networks has become stronger than ever, and this is where companies have to adapt to new trends and new forms of online consumption.

This is where a digital marketing strategy becomes necessary. Digital marketing can be defined as a strategy aimed at the online marketing of products and services, and through the use of various strategies, it tries to gain visibility on the internet and thus attract new customers or increase sales.

The first section of the report details what digital marketing is, as well as its different evolutions over the years:

  • Websites 1.0, where advertising was transferred from traditional media to the first websites.
  • Websites 2.0, with the beginning of the first exchanges of information through platforms.
  • Websites 3.0, using artificial intelligence or big data to interpret user characteristics, offering a more personalised interface.

In addition, this section will show the main advantages and disadvantages of developing a digital marketing strategy in your SME, as well as the main trends thatwill be implemented in the coming years, such as voice strategies, visual searches, experiences with virtual or augmented reality or chatbots, among others.

Following section explains the different digital marketing strategies and the importance of each of them, so that businesses can increase their visibility, the number of potential customers and sales.

  • Social Networks: They have revolutionised the way we communicate and in recent years have become one of the best tools for interaction. A presence in this medium is essential for building customer loyalty and generating brand commitment.
  • Mail Marketing: Through the sending of messages by companies in order to have greater notoriety and make content more visible. Over the years it has evolved to become a key element in the exchange of messages with customers.
  • Content strategies: Through publications of relevant information to attract and generate audience. A proper use of content strategies enhances the emotional bond with customers through the creation of resources.
  • Paid media strategies: Consists of redirecting user traffic to a specific website with the use of paid platforms. By using these, it is possible to achieve immediate results at low costs.

In the last section developed, several key tools can be observed in order to optimise the tasks in the different areas involved in our activity, such as web analytics, paid media, web positioning, social media, email marketing or CRM.

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