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14 Nov 2022. 09:56
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  • SME maturity
    1. Gestión de clientes / CRM
    Scope to digitize
    1. Relationship with clients

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Customer management tools have several benefits such as increasing turnover or improving internal communication. Find out more here!

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Executive summary

We are currently in a process of transformation in which new technologies have emerged as a result of the information society and the digital age. This process of change, together with increasing competition and the speed and immediacy of information, has changed the way in which companies relate to their customers.  

Thus, due to the evolution in the sales and purchasing process, business strategies, especially for SMEs, must be customer-focused and customer-targeted.

Accompanying the new strategies, new tools are emerging, whose objective lies in the optimisation of the management of commercial relations with customers and in the digitalisation of these relations. Thus, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool has emerged as a fundamental technology in customer management in the new digital era. This tool is defined as customer management software that centralises all interactions between the company and its customers, in many cases automating tasks, helping companies to improve and optimise their customer relations.

The implementation of CRM tools in companies has managed to increase their sales, business volume, improve internal communication and, above all, boost customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The aim of this document is to present in a clear and detailed way what the CRM strategy for SMEs and freelancers consists of, understanding these tools as one of the fundamental pillars in the customer management of today's SMEs. This document incorporates all the necessary issues related to the CRM tool, such as:

  • The definition and main characteristics of CRM, understanding its usability and its various applications.
  • The different types and classifications of the tool that exist: CRMs according to their function, according to their access or deployment and according to their code.
  • CRM functionalities and how they work.
  • The advantages and benefits of these tools for businesses, especially SMEs.
  • Evolution over the years, current situation and future scenarios of CRM. It is a current tool, but with a successful future development.
  • The impact of CRM in the different economic sectors and in companies in general, analysing the sectors with the greatest ease of implementation and those with the greatest difficulties.
  • And finally, a study of real examples and success stories where the tool has been tested and well implemented is carried out in order to analyse the positive effect it provides to different types of companies.

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