What is a marketplace and what is its importance?

31 Mar 2023. 12:19
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  • SME maturity
    1. Digital transformation
    Scope to digitize
    1. Commercialisation

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What is a marketplace and what is its importance?

Marketplaces are online spaces that sell products from different companies, acting as intermediaries in the buying and selling process. In addition, they increase the possibilities of selling by 14%. Find out all the advantages! 


Benefits of selling on a Marketplace 


  • Improved online positioning: thanks to their reputation, they improve the SEO positioning of the brands that are hosted on their website. 

  • Product synergy with other retailers: for example, if you are a sock shop you may want to be close to a shoe shop. 

  • Reach a more diverse audience: helps you reach other audiences who are already users of the marketplace and gives you more exposure. 

  • Cost savings: the initial investment is low-cost, revolves around the platform and sales strategies. 


Enter the marketplace world with the Kit Digital! 


Apply for your voucher and benefit from the following services: 


  • Preliminary study of alternatives and registration on the platform. 

  • Competitive analysis

  • Design and definition of the business strategy. 

  • Creation of the listing content. 

  • Production of the catalogue and uploading of references. 


Don't wait any longer and include your SME in a marketplace with the help of the Kit Digital. 


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