Steps to become a Digitising Agent in the Digital Kit programme

Become a Digitising Agent of the Digital Kit Programme! 

09 May 2022. 15:48
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Become a Digitising Agent of the Digital Kit Programme! 

Steps to become a Digitising Agent

What are Digitising Agents? 

They are in charge of providing digital solutions to SMEs and self-employed beneficiaries of the Digital Kit Programme. 


What are their obligations? 


  • Disseminate the contracted companies with which the digitalisation solutions will be provided. 

  • Mention in your communications that the financing of the grants is provided through the European "Next Generation EU" funds within the PRTR. 

  • Provide due collaboration in the work of verifying the correct provision of the subsidised actions. 

  • Fulfil all the conditions contained in the Notice of Accession to become a digitising agent. 

  • Maintain your tax domicile and the place of provision of the subsidised activities in the European Union. 


Steps to become a Digitising Agent 


  • Submit the application through the form at the E-Office.  

  • Complete all the steps of the form, indicating the categories of solutions for which you are requesting membership. 

  • Present telematically the necessary documentation to prove that you meet all the requirements. 

  • Once the application has been accepted, you will be included in the Catalogue of Digitising Agents. 


The period of adhesion will be open for the entire duration of the Digital Kit Programme. 


Don't wait any longer and join the digital change! 

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