How to register a ".es" domain?
17 Nov 2022. 10:47
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How to register a .es domain

Follow these steps to register your SME's domain.


Step 1 - Go to the website

Enter the website


Step 2 - Check the availability of the name you are looking for

Search for the domain name you want to use and check if it is available.


Step 3 - What type of domain to register?

Decide what type of ".es" domain you want to apply for and check if you can apply for it.

Types of ".es" domains

Domains that are automatically assigned and can be applied for by individuals or private entities.


To identify your name, your company, or your project on the Internet.

For any type of activity at a reduced price.

To identify your name and your presence on the Internet.

For both public and private organisations.


Step 4 - With whom to register the ".es" domain?

Choose who to register your domain name with

Register a domain through an Accredited Registrar Agent

Registrars will take care of all the domain registration formalities at competitive prices.

Register a domain through

You can register your SME's directly and manage it for a better price than the Registrar Agents.



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