Discover Acelera pyme and join the digital shift!

The national digital transformation initiative.

31 Aug 2021. 13:28
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The national digital transformation initiative.

Infographic about Acelera pyme and everything it offers to SMEs and self-employed


Discover Acelera pyme and join the Digital Shift! 

Acelera pyme is the initiative... 

That aimes to build the national (international oriented) ecosystem of reference towardsthe digital transformation of SMEs.  

What does it offer to SMEs and self-employed? 

  1. Information on digital tools and training. 
  2. Networking and events. 
  3. Enriched content. 
  4. Advice and support. 
  5. Current events and expert vision. 
  6. Information on grants and subsidies. 
  7. Self-diagnosis tools. 
  8. Good practices. 

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