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Advantages of electronic signatures

14 Feb 2023. 13:20
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Electronic signature is an essential digital tool for your SME

Do you know why?

The electronic signature is a set of electronic data that accompanies or is associated with a digital document that makes it possible to:

Identify the signatory. Ensure the integrity of the signed document. Communicate the signatory's conformity with the document and its content.

What is its use?

It is aimed at carrying out digital operations that in everyday life require a signature for their validation, such as:

Signing electronic invoices. Online filing of income tax returns. Signing employment contracts and communications. Among other uses.

Main advantages

  • Security and integrity of information.
  • Cost reduction in paper, printing or storage of documents.
  • Legal guarantee as it has its legal basis in a legal framework.
  • Optimisation of time by eliminating the sending of paper.
  •  Traceability of information and procedures.

Don't wait any longer and implement the electronic signature in your SME!


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