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If you meet the conditions established in the call for applications for the Kit Digital help, you will be able to have a digital voucher that will allow you to access digitization solutions.

The maximum amount is detailed in the table, and it will depend on the size of your company:

Beneficiary segments Digital bonus amount
Segment I. Small businesses with 10 to fewer than 50 employees 12.000 €
Segment II. Small companies or Micro-companies with between 3 and less than 10 employees 6.000 €
Segment III. Small companies or Micro-companies with between 0 and less than 3 employees and people in a situation of self-employment 2.000 €


Choose the digitizing solutions from the Kit Digital that best suit the needs of your business. In the "Categories of digital solutions" section you will be able to see what each one consists of and the amount of aid granted for each solution. Select the ones you need!

Categories of digital solutions


Up to 2.000€

Social media management

Up to 4.000€

Customer management

Up to 2.000€

BI and analytics

Up to 4.000€

Virtual office services

Up to 12.000€

Process management

Up to 4.000€

Electronic bill

Up to 1.000€

Secure communications

Up to 6.000€


Up to 6.000€


Hasta 2.000€

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